It's Sunday Night.
Do you know where your recyclables are?
It's Sunday Night. Do you know where your recyclables are?

Name: Soda Can
Height: 4.8 Inches
Appearance: Shiny
This soda can was last seen filled with a carbonated beverage, along with a bag of chips. May be disoriented or mistakenly thrown in the trash.

Name: Battery
Height: 2 Inches
Appearance: Drained
This battery was once described as energetic with an electric personality. Before disappearance, it acted lethargic, dull and very lazy.

Name: Tubie
Height: 40 Inches
Appearance: Fluorescent
After a long career in a federal building, Tubie went dim. Life seemed dark for Tubie and he may be shattered.

Name: White Paper
Height: 8.5 Inches
Appearance: Crumpled
Long missing, this piece of paper may have altered its appearance to evade discovery. May be wearing letters, printed images, or pretending to be an airplane.

Name: Tire
Height: 17 Inches
Appearance: Rubber
May have rolled down a hill during a strong a gust of wind. We fear this tire may have been abducted by children and tied to a tree.

Name: Box
Height: 12 Inches
Appearance: Brown/Dull
Prior to going missing, Box used to travel the country, and once earned the title of "employee of the month" for his career with the U.S. Post Office. May be wearing packing tape.

Name: Plastic Bottle
Height: 7 Inches
Appearance: Transparent
After losing its liquid, this plastic bottle vanished without a trace. Witnesses report hearing a crinkling sound. 25,000,000 water bottles end up in the trash every day.

Name: Mixed Paper
Height: 8.5 Inches
Appearance: Colorful
Please help us find mixed paper. Recent tips suggest it may be too late, as mixed paper may have been shredded into confetti and stuffed into a piñata.

Name: Razor
Height: 5 Inches
Appearance: Out-of-Style
Razor used to make appearances at the trendiest parties and was considered THE socialite of his class. Sadly, Razor washed up, eventually losing network coverage.